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Old Aire - Corrosion Control

Why Invest in Corrosion Control?

The cost of repairing corroded aircraft is 100 times the cost of preventive maintenance.

Equipment down-time, repair and replacement are expensive. Corrosion control can help reduce your overhead expenses by reducing your replacement, repair and labor expenses.

Regularly-scheduled, preventive maintenance is always less expensive than the repair or replacement of equipment.

Why Old Aire recommends ACF-50

ACF-50 is a state-of-the-art compound used to control corrosion on aircraft electrical and avionics systems and airframes. ACF-50 is made with the corrosion prevention compounds used by the Army, Navy and Coast Guard to protect the air and marine craft.

Benefits of ACF-50 corrosion treatment:

  • Lasts for 24 months
  • Does not leave a sticky, waxy mess during application
  • Corrosion related replacement and repair costs are cut substantially
  • Inspections can be performed without labor-intensive removal procedures

Corrosion prevention and control become more predictable, as an application can be done during regularly scheduled annual maintenance without the need for extended down time.

Old Aire is an ACF-50 factory authorized application center

The ACF-50 corrosion prevention treatment is available at our shop or we will come to your site for a nominal call out fee. The call out fee will be reduced or waived if you arrange to have more than one aircraft treated at the same field on the same day. Contact us for details and quotes.

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